skyFounded in a rich, ancient tradition from a lineage of enlightened Ascended Masters, Ascension is a non-denominational love-based practice that uses praise, gratitude, and love directed to the inner Divine.  It guides one to transform the energy blocking the experiencing of greater and greater awareness of the Divine Light/Love everywhere.

So much more than just meditation, Ascension offers a series of effortless techniques that allow us to grow into the experience of oneness with all life; our natural state. These effective tools weave our connection to the One into every aspect of our daily lives by removing the destructive beliefs and mental blocks that inhibit the natural functioning of the mind and body. The practice of these techniques has the potential to increase enjoyment and effectiveness in all areas of life and open us up to expansion of our spiritual experience.

To practice Ishayas’ Ascension there is no belief system required, and there is no religion or guru, making the practice compatible with any religion, spiritual path or belief system.

The process of Ascension enables us to:

  • follow the senses inward to the peace within instead of following the thoughts of the “monkey mind”
  • overcome self-limiting internal programs and let go of old patterns
  • align heart and mind
  • experience the expansiveness of the Self
  • build a conscious connection with the One
  • heal emotional wounds
  • release stress lodged in the nervous system
  • quiet the mind whenever we want
  • open to and grow our own knowingness
  • be present in every moment