We at Ascending to Oneness welcome you to our ever growing, ever shifting and expanding fantastic voyage uncovering more and more of the magnificent truth of who we really are! It is an adventure designed to support and inspire everyone beginning exactly where we are now.

If you have a knowingness that there is more to this life than a handful of sometimes wonderful, sometimes barely tolerable times; that there is a transcendent purpose and precious meaning to our existence you have come to the right place!

We offer a gourmet menu. It includes delicious delving into the Infinite Ocean of buoyant, joyful, peace. Another very tasty morsel is the blissful River of Life. And thirdly, there is the sweet, resonant, Field of Sublime Love and Light which builds upon the experiencing of the Ocean and the River. A precious treasure chest of mystical tools, both from training and from the Inner Loving Light is available when you are ready.