skyladderThe following four Ishayas’ Ascension Attitudes comprise the foundation, or First Sphere,¬†of the Ishaya Teaching:

1. Praise Attitude
The Praise Attitude is the most basic, the most fundamental of all the techniques. The Praise Attitude corrects the fundamental stress of the modern world, that something is wrong with the individual life. It helps us see beyond any thought that “something is wrong with my life.”

The Praise Attitude usually proves the most useful for transforming the grossest levels of belief and judgment about life. It can be used any time, day or night, with the eyes open or closed, to cause a calming and healing effect. Practiced with the eyes closed, this technique produces deeper rest than sleep. Because of this profound rest, deep-rooted stresses that are never touched by sleep dissolve.

2. Gratitude Attitude

Similar in power for transforming the root stresses is the Gratitude Attitude. The focus here is on the objective world; this technique is designed to cure all erroneous beliefs and concepts about the body and the external Universe. It is the master key for unlocking belief in the limitations of the body. It is invaluable for healing disease of any and all kinds.

3. Love Attitude

The Love Attitude heals another one of the fundamental misconceptions that keep us from experiencing who we truly are. The Love Attitude deals with our relationship to the Divine, the Ascendant, the Absolute, or the Infinite. Many people find this the sweetest of the first three techniques.

4. Compassion Attitude
The Compassion Attitude heals the fourth fundamental stress that keeps us from evolving. This technique deals with our relationship to all of humanity. This technique is used in conjunction with the other three techniques because our relationship to humanity is connected to our relationship to the subjective, the objective and to the Source, the Ascendant, and the Truth of who you are.

Together these first four techniques, the First Sphere, work to heal all underlying self-destructive programs, all stress, all past limitation or painful beliefs that keep our awareness bound up. They are the universal keys to the “Door of Everything”. They are pure magic and it is with great joy that we delight in passing these techniques on to you.