Mystically, we have all experienced moments of serene peace, uncommon moments, perhaps in Nature, that cause us to escape Life's narrow boundaries, moments that exude an aura of Presence and unlimited possibilities. This place of peace and joy deep inside of us is there, waiting, a center of calmness where everything is as it should be, our birthright to miraculous adventures in consciousness.

Soul Based Healing takes us way beyond returning back to a "normal" health state that existed before, as we continue to evolve on all levels. The book nurtures the flowering of humanity’s ongoing process of planetary ascension by offering amazingly beautiful  gifts to water the seeds of our Greatness that are already planted inside us.

The book offers an opportunity to shift our collective consciousness with both abundant information, and an uplifting, alive and even fun meditation. It employs tools from the new consciousness that we are shifting into to activate our own innate wisdom, opening us up to new horizons of the freedom of Conscious Light. The purpose of the body is to heal itself. The purpose of the soul is to raise the frequency of the body up to Light.

"Soul Based Healing: The Adventure of Ascending into Light," is available to buy on Amazon

- Also available on Audible: Audiobook Format

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innerlightWe at Ascending to Oneness welcome you to our ever growing, ever shifting and expanding fantastic voyage uncovering more and more of the magnificent truth of who we really are!  It is an adventure designed to support and inspire everyone beginning exactly where we are now.

If you have a knowingness that there is more to this life than a handful ...

skyFounded in a rich, ancient tradition from a lineage of enlightened Ascended Masters, Ascension is a non-denominational love-based practice that uses praise, gratitude, and love directed to the inner Divine.  It guides one to transform the energy blocking the experiencing of greater and greater awareness of the Divine Light/Love everywhere.

So mu...

sunset2Oneness is the experience and honoring of the deep space of Divine Love in us and every other human on the planet- the honoring of our greatness and the honoring and awakening of the living Higher Powers of Love and Light in each of us. Practices are given to help to strengthen , and recognize this huge gift, this birthright, in ourselves, frien...

skyladderThe following four Ishayas’ Ascension Attitudes comprise the foundation, or First Sphere, of the Ishaya Teaching:

1. Praise Attitude
The Praise Attitude is the most basic, the most fundamental of all the techniques. The Praise Attitude corrects the fundamental stress of the modern world, that something is wrong with the individual life. It helps...