waterfallOneness Blessing Events, Oneness Awakening Course, Sacred Chambers Process

Oneness Blessing Events are an opportunity to share Divine energy through the receiving of the Oneness Blessing. The Blessings are given by trained and qualified Oneness Blessing Givers. The events are open to all; no previous experience of Oneness isrequired.

When attending a Oneness Blessing, (sometimes called Deeksha) Event, there is usually an invocation of all forms of the Divine, a meditation, often a chakra meditation (awakening magnificent parts of us that are unconscious) followed by the Oneness Blessing.  Generally people tend to experience feeling uplifted, lighter, and happier as a result of attending the event. There are Oneness Blessing Events being offered in many locations throughout the world. You can find local events being offered on this website.

The Oneness Awakening Course  is a transformative Course to train and qualify new Blessing Givers and assists the  transformation of whatever is in the way of attaining freedom. It allows Divine Grace to move us forward towards liberation and fulfillment. The Course offers processes for healing the wounded parts of our self and replacing them with love, and practices that you can do at home. This is an opportunity to experience the process of freedom from the mind habit of suffering and open more fully to the experience of causeless love, and causeless joy.

The Course is offered to those who are already Blessing Givers as well as those who are learning how to give Deeksha for the first time.  It offers everyone in attendance opportunities to deepen their experiences of the Divine/ Supreme Light/the Oneness of all life, etc. and integrate this most important connection into everyday life. To find a local Oneness Awakening Course, you may check the Upcoming Events Calendar on this website.

The Sacred Chambers Process is considered by the Oneness University to be the most powerful process available in the U.S.  It is a beautiful, several hours long process of looking inward to become aware of any blocks to Divine Love and causeless joy inside which can be offered to the Divine in the Chambers. Also the process includes discovering ways to improve our connection to the Divine Presence within and the Universal Divine Presence. It is an opportunity for introspection in the atmosphere of pure acceptance and love. This process’ purpose is to connect us more deeply with the Higher Self/Divine, or whatever you choose to call the powerful loving, light-filled energy that resides both within us in the sacred chamber of our hearts, and in these Sacred Chambers.


In addition to the events we offer that you will find listed here on this website on the Upcoming Events page, there is also the Oneness Meditation offered by Oneness Meditators. It is the giving of Deeksha by those specially trained to give it through the eyes without touching the recipients.

The Phenomemon and the Gift Course offered in large group venues streams the event from a Guide in India. Golden Orb Deeksha is initiated at the Phenomenon and the Gift Course. This Blessing is given by the Divine through the heart of the Golden Orb Blessing Giver to others, without touching the recipient. It is sent energetically in such a beautiful way as to open and expand the heart of the giver as well as the receiver. It is being offered all around the U.S., about every three or four months and elsewhere around the planet periodically.