ystically, we have all experienced moments of serene peace in Nature, uncommon moments that cause us to escape Life's narrow boundaries, moments that exude an aura of magic and unlimited possibilities.

This place of peace and joy deep inside of us is there, waiting. A center of calmness where everything is as it should be. Mystically, we are infused with hope-the hope that there is more to this life than a handful of sometimes wonderful, sometimes barely tolerable years; that there is a much deeper purpose and meaning to our existence.​

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About Ascension

What is Ascension?

By removing the destructive beliefs and mental blocks that inhibit the natural functioning of the mind and body, Ascension allows us to get to our natural essence, the experience of Oneness, our natural state. To practice Ishayas' Ascension there is no belief system required. There is no religion or guru, making the practice compatible with any religion, spiritual path or belief system.

It offers a series of effortless techniques that weave our connection to the One into every aspect of our daily lives. The practice of these simple, yet profound techniques has the potential to increase enjoyment and effectiveness in all areas of life and open us up to expansion of our spiritual experience.

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Where Ishayas' Ascension originated:

Ascension was first taught in the United States in 1991 by Maharishi Sadashiva Isham (MSI). Although he is often considered the founder of the IshayaTechniques, MSI never claimed authorship of the TEACHING. He often said that the origins of Ascension are lost in the shrouds of time, and that it can actually trace its lineage through the Judeo-Christian traditions as well as through the East.

MSI trained teachers to spread the teaching. The teachers and the different organizations are dedicated to sharing the Ascension Attitudes with people throughout the world. Advanced training is available for those who desire it, but the basic course is sufficient to enable the practitioner to reach his or her highest goals.


Learning to use Ascension

Transform Your Life at the Ishayas First Sphere Weekend Course

The Ascension Attitudes are taught in a weekend format. Ascension weaves our connection to our Source, the Infinite, God, into every aspect of our daily lives, helping us to realize our full human potential Here and Now. This is not a religion. No belief is required to practice these techniques; they allow us to create from personal experience, not from abstract ideas.

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Questions About Ascension

Why do we need the The Ishayas' Ascension?

The Ascension Attitudes are a series of effortless techniques, based on the natural movement toward Appreciation, Gratitude, and Love. As one grows into adulthood, the nervous system becomes imprinted with every experience it has ever had, including traumatic ones. These imprints, or stresses, cause us to respond to various life experiences in habitual, often negative, ways. The easy-to-use Attitudes of The Ishayas' Ascension systematically erase the stresses of the past and create the ability to respond to present situations with increased enjoyment and effectiveness.

How do The Ishayas' Ascension Attitudes work?

In as few as twenty minutes with the eyes closed, the Ascension Attitudes allow the body to reach a level of rest that is about twice as deep as the deepest sleep at night. This allows the body's natural healing tendencies to activate, permanently clearing the nervous system of stress.

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About Us

Gomati Ishaya
Vasistha Ishaya

Gomati Ishaya

Gomati feels the heart of her life is her intimate connection with the One. This is central in providing endless blessings in her everyday life and beloved life’s work. She loves people and the joy of supporting and being of service when possible, to assist in the experience of the One Life that moves through all bodies.

Trained in the field of community development, Gomati has found that living life from a place of making conscious choices thereby enables the potential to create conscious community on many levels. She is very excited about the profound combination of the Oneness Blessing coupled with Ishayas' Ascension thereby creating a speeding up of the awakening process.


Vasistha Ishaya

Vasistha feels like he gained 10 lifetimes in 9 years working with and learning from Jim Goure, the founder of the Light Center in Black Mountain, N.C. He also feels very blessed to have learned Ascension with MSI. Through the practice of Ascending for 6 months in Teacher Training, he found the Infinite Peace on the Inside, which has been with him ever since. He is a gifted spiritual teacher who works with individuals and groups.

He is dedicated to the practice of Ishayas’ Ascension, and loves seeing people gain the same gift of experiencing the Peace that Passes All Understanding directly from this practice.

Gomati and Vasistha are senior teachers of Ishayas’ Ascension. They have been teaching Ascension since 1997; when they completed their training from their teacher, the late Maharishi Sadashiva Isham, the author of the five books published on Ishayas’ Ascension. They have traveled together around the world teaching Ishayas’ Ascension since then to bring this precious gift to those who are open and receptive. Residents in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Hawaii, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Jersey Isles, Germany, Austria, Canada, and all over the United States have benefited from their classes.

They are Oneness Blessing Trainers, who are qualified to train those who wish to assist this awakening process by becoming Oneness Blessing Givers. They have studied at the Oneness University in India, founded by Sri Amma Bhagavan, the avatars who have taken on the mission of awakening humanity at this time.

Gomati and Vasistha are both dedicated in full-time service to the healing of the self, and the healing and awakening of humanity. They love their work and consider themselves blessed to be in service. As a team, they have unique gifts that complement each other well.